Low Carbohydrate Diets & Type 2 Diabetes

Do you recommend the use of low carbohydrates for your patients with Type 2 diabetes?

Our speaker is Will Hadfield, who will be discussing:

The evidence behind using low carb diets in the management of type 2 diabetes

The practical aspects of using low carbohydrate diets in the management of type 2 diabetes

Experiences in working with low carbohydrate diets and people with diabetes

Meet the Speaker

Will Hadfield's most recent role as Clinical Lead Dietitian at Xyla health and wellbeing led him to create and develop population-level interventions for people with type 2 diabetes, including REWIND low-carb and NHS Low Calorie Diet programme. He is also co-founder of WE Nutrition UK.

Will’s background as a Diabetes Specialist Dietitian working in the NHS, not-for profit, private sectors and experience in academia support his passion for innovative and evidence-based education enabling long-term behaviour change whilst informing research.

Follow Will on Twitter and Instagram at @wenutritionuk and check out www.wenutrition.co.uk!

Low Carbohydrate Diets & Type 2 Diabetes
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