Dietitians in Primary Care

This webinar provides an insight on what it's like working as a Primary Care Network (PCN) Dietitian.

Nusrat & Sarah will cover the following points:

Best practices in delivery of diabetes care in PCNs

Very low carb diet programme – Modality AWC PCN

Low carb diets and diabetes optimisation - West Leeds PCN

Top tips for new PCN Dietitians and signposting to support

This webinar is catered to healthcare professionals, including GPs, dietitians and other allied healthcare professionals.

Additional Resources Discussed

Meet the Speaker

Nusrat Kausar (twitter @NusratkRD, instagram: @nusratkrd)

Nusrat has been working at GP practices on for the past year and she shares her experiences and what it's like working as a dietitian for a PCN. She primarily focuses on Low Carbohydrate Diets for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes. She shares what she enjoys about the job and some of the challenges she faces.

Sarah Alicea (twitter @sarahalicea8)

Sarah is a Senior Diabetes Dietitian in Type 1 diabetes and disordered eating (T1DE) practitioner, Barts Health NHS Trust. She was part of the team that worked in collaboration with NHS ENgland and Diabetes UK and wrote the best practice guidelines for Diabetes Care in Primary Care Networks.

Dietitians in Primary Care
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