Recognising disordered eating: a guide for nutrition professionals

If you are a nutrition professional who works with humans – you will be seeing people with disordered eating and eating disorders.

Do you understand how to screen, assess and refer? If not, come along.

Going deeper than behaviour: we will look at the root cause of disordered eating behaviour and how to recognise it (when your patients might not).

Meet the Speaker

Jessica is a registered dietitian who has spent the first decade of her career in the NHS across a number of mental health settings; primarily community and inpatient eating disorders.

A pivotel time in Jessica’s life was the day that she realised her work in mental health was actually focused on mental illness. With this in mind she has taken a career turn, stepping away from the NHS and into private practice as a health and wellbeing coach, and resilience tutor for children.

Jessica believes that when we truly understand what mental health (not illness!) is, we can guide people back to it. Like the sun, mental health is constant, reliable and ever present. Whilst the sun appears to come and go and gets covered up by the weather there is comfort and solace found in the deep knowing that it hasn’t gone anywhere. The same is true for mental health. Mental illness is a by-product of misunderstanding where mental health resides.

Understanding how people use food and eating behaviours in their search for their mental health has become Jessica’s speciality. She is passionate about sharing her insights into eating disorders, having had the privlelge of hearing so many stories from those whom these illnesses affect.

She hopes sharing this insight will help clinicians (humans!) to improve their confidence in working with others who may be struggling with their relationship with food, in their desperate search for safety, wellbeing and connection.

Recognising disordered eating: a guide for nutrition professionals
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