Researching Nutrition Posts

The live webinar has already passed - we are selling the recording of the event.

Do you market your own business, or interested in posting evidence-based nutritional information for your readers? Curious as to how to translate complex nutrition articles into bite sized info?

Join Nutribytes Interns Eloize Kazmiersky and Lucy Walton who will run through how to research nutrition posts before posting it as a blog or on social media!

Content covered includes

• How to research nutrition / dietetic topics for blogs

• Key things to look out for in an article

• Researching nutrition / dietetic topics for social media, including Instagram and Twitter

• What do readers want to see on social media?

• Q&A session

Each ticket is £15 per person

Meet the Speaker

Eloize is a nutritionist and MSc student dietitian at Ulster University. She produces content for Nutribytes as well as written articles for Network Health Digest (NHD), and was involved in past events with Nutribytes. She also runs her own blog, Diabetic Dietetic Student.

Follow her on Instagram: @eloize_nutritional_baker

Check out her website:

Lucy is a Registered Associate Nutritionist and Dietetic Support Worker. Lucy has contributed to many guest blogs for other nutritional professionals including Sinead Roberts (Feed.Fuel.Perform) and Katie Chuter (Kcnutrition).

Lucy has also worked on food and mood projects with Nutritank and is part of their Nutrition4Youngsters Team.

Lucy shares nutrition content on her Instagram page and blog. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @lutritionwCheck out her website:

Researching Nutrition Posts
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